New England Quilt Museum

Since I suddenly have a bit of time on my hand (day 10 of the Federal Government Shutdown) I decided to drive to Lowell to see the new exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum.  As I walked up the stairs to the gallery I was pleased to see two Denyse Schmidt quilts on display. This is so obvious in retrospect.  The name of the show is “Roots of Modern Quilting” and the quilts are from Denyse’s book “Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration”.  It would have been more interesting if Denyse’s quilts were in the same room as the two vintage 30’s quilts that are similar to hers.  But, I think the vintage quilts may be part of their permanent display and perhaps that is why they asked Denyse if they could show her two quilts. Perhaps you will notice them in the photos I took which can be viewed HERE.

Later I came across a quilt by Jen Sorenson which I recognized because we are both members of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.   Her quilt is a modern hexagon quilt and there was a similar vintage quilt on the opposing wall … in solids, not the typical Grandmother’s Garden colors and layout.  Look for these in my photos, as well.

Seeing these Modern quilts next to the vintage/antique quilts makes me wonder … what is the difference between a modern quilt and a contemporary quilt?