Handmade Bead and Wire Bangle Bracelets

I have a collection of bead and wire bangle bracelets that I made a few years ago.  I spend so much time quilting that I just don’t find time to work with my beads anymore.  These bracelets were sitting in my jewelry box just waiting for me to pick them up and start wearing them again.


I took a class to learn how to make these, but there is a book that gives you step by step directions.  There are quite a few tools and materials involved, but it is a fun hobby if you need a change of pace from quilting … but, I still have too many UFOs and commitments to BOMs …. maybe I can sneak in a new bracelet or a necklace!

The book that I have with instructions for making the bracelets (and other bead and wire projects) is “Bead on a Wire: Making Handcrafted Wire and Beaded Jewelry” by Sharilyn Miller … available from Amazon.com, and yes I will get a small commission if you use this link!

Bangle Bracelets bangle1

Cat Toy?

Cat Toy?


Cat Toys???

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