The Modern Goose Quilt

The Modern Goose Quilt

This quilt is the stunning result of a challenge between Peggy Anne and me.  We were on our way to the Denyse Schmidt Pure Improv class in Nobleboro, Maine.  Peggy Anne had her book that lists all of the quilt stores in the entire country.  So we stopped at a few.  I ended up picking out some fabrics at one of the stores, and Peggy Anne decided to buy the same fabrics, so of course we had to have a challenge.  The only rule was that we could only add one more fabric with no limit on how much of that fabric you could use.  I chose one extra solid color, the brown, in the same amount as the other solid colors.

This quilt has large blocks which go together quickly, and you can achieve great precision and very little waste of fabric if you use the Deb Tucker Wing Clipper I.  I have included some pictures showing how to do the no waste method.

If you like this quilt I have put a pattern together for it and it is for sale in my Pattern Store.

We were trying to take this picture today … such a windy day, we could not get it to stay still … it wanted to fly away!


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