Do Good Block September 2019

Size: 10” Finished

Please make at least two blocks.


Four 5” squares – Dark Bright Colors – Prints and/or Solids

Four 5” x 1 ½” pieces – Light Pastel Colors – Prints and/or Solids

One 1 ½” x 1 ½” square – Dark Bright – Print and/or Solid

Arrange pieces as shown:

Sew 3 rows:

Sew rows together:

Finished Blocks:

2 thoughts on “Do Good Block September 2019

  1. Jane Fenton

    This one I can probably do on my machine.  They are big pieces and will sew up fast.  I’ll try this.  Did you go through the fabric?  Isn’t there fabric that is beautiful?  Hope you took a lot for yourself.  Thank you again for lunch and the great company.  I forget how great it is to see old friends and catch up with them.  I love you guys!  janie

  2. pmegio Post author

    Hi Jane, had a great time looking through the fabric and donated what I can’t use to the museum. They were thrilled. Have fun playing with this block. I will be putting charity quilts together with this design. Love you!


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