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The Quilted Tote Bag

When I first started using my Quilt Frame I took yards of fabric and quilted them for practice.  Around the same time my friend’s daughter was starting college and she asked me if I would make a tote bag for her to carry books and a laptop.  I had been thinking about making tote bags with my yards of quilted fabric, and thus we have the Kerryn Bag!

The bag has pockets on the outside and more on the inside.  It has a button and tab closure which is easy to add on after you have put the bag together.  These bags have been very popular and I often get requests for them.




If you would like to make this bag, I will be teaching a class at Quilters Common in Wakefield, MA on September 27, 2013.  The pattern for the bag is currently for sale at Quilters Common, and also in my Craftsy store.

To make this bag you will have to use a Jeans needle and have a machine that is comfortable sewing through several layers of quilted fabric.  To make the corners of the bag you need to sew through four layers, which means 6 layers at the seams!  If your machine is happy to do that for you then you might enjoy making your own tote bag.

I usually have enough fabric for a little purse or a cosmetic bag, or both!!