Cotton Voile Scarf

When I was in Nobleboro Maine this summer taking a Denyse Schmidt class at the Alewives shop I noticed their infinity scarf kits. They have a kit that uses the same fabrics as used in the velvet throw.  They also offer a kit for a scarf made with two pieces of the cotton voile.  I just love this fabric.  It is very silky and the colors on the reverse of the fabric are nearly as sharp and bright as on the right side of the fabric.  With this in mind I decided to make a more finite version of the scarf by sewing the two pieces of fabric down the middle with a French seam.  This worked out very nicely!  The scarf folds at the seam and wraps around your neck or ties in a nice knot.  The trick is to do the French seam in reverse, so to speak.  Start with the right sides together to get the scarf to fold down the middle and lie flat with the right sides up when finished.  While it is true that you can’t notice the difference between the sides easily, there is a bit of a difference, so if you are particular you will want the right sides up!

Here are some quick instructions:

  • Cut two pieces of fabric, each 13″ x 72″
  • With right sides together sew a 1/4″ seam along the long edge
  • Next press a rolled hem along all sides with mitered corners
  • For best results use an edgestich foot to sew along the edge of the rolled hem
  • With wrong sides together, sew a 1/2″ seam along the long edge to finish the reverse French seam

Voile-Lahhhhh … you have a voile scarf to enjoy!

Hopefully these pictures will help to get the idea across for you!

To make this scarf I bought 2 yards of 2 fabrics so that I would not have to piece two lengths of fabric for a 72″ long scarf.  Of course, this voile fabric is 54″ wide, so that means I can make several scarves for gifts!

I decided to try a different version for one of these gift scarves.  This one uses my new Ruffler presser foot.  Very girly!