Intense, elegant and refined

I was reading a Simple Sewendipity post the other day about using paint color cards from the hardware store to help in planning a quilt.  This is, of course, a fabulous thing to do! You could stash loads of those paint cards away in your big quilted tote bag! Ha Ha!

But, it did remind me of The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors by Anna Starmer, which is a great book to refer to when trying to come up with colors for a quilt.  The great thing about this book is that each scheme has a name.  When Peggy Anne and I were picking out the fabrics for this quilt we decided on the “Intense, elegant and refined” scheme.  But how about “Voluptuous damson berry from the selection of red schemes , or Whimsical, mystical shimmer from the green schemes?  Or, even better a pink scheme called “Eclectic, contemporary, quirky”.  Oh, I just want to put aside all of my BOM projects and create a quilt from scratch!!



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