The Garden Continuum Quilt

I decided to participate in the Modern Quilt Guild’s Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.  My plan was to fussy cut some blocks and then improvise from there, although I must admit my improvisation ended up taking place on my drawing pad so that I would have an idea of how much fabric I would need to surround my blocks.  Does that mean it is not really improvised?  Can there be no planning with improvisation?  Perhaps not!

I am calling this quilt the Garden Continuum.  It is 48″ x 64″.  I used all 6 of the fat eighths provided and I think I made good use of them.  I used 2 yards of fabric for the background and the binding, and also added about an eighth of a yard of a solid green fabric.

In keeping with the theme of the quit, I went with edge to edge swirly quilting so that the garden blocks blend in and appear to be floating in the continuum!

detail2 detail1


3 thoughts on “The Garden Continuum Quilt

  1. alidiza

    This is stunning!!! At some point you’ll always have to do a little planning on your improv quilt to make everything fit together. You did a fabulous job highlighting these prints and your quilting is amazing. Fabulous:-)

  2. Patrice

    Thanks Alice. I guess I can still call it an improvised quilt! hmmm, fussy cut improvisation … a bit incongruous isn’t it? That’s what makes this so fun.

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