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The Clothesline Basket Craze

I have been busy playing in my quilting studio all week.  I am in the middle of so many projects and I keep jumping from one to another.  I did manage to get one thing done.  At the BMQG retreat last weekend I watched Courtney demonstrate how to make a rope basket.  I loved the idea, but I was too caught up in my quilt project, so didn’t make one until I got home.


I love it!  Now I want to make more, more, more!  I covered some cord with fabric and after a couple of experiments finally made one that I am very happy with.

I got the idea for the fabric covering from Carol McLeod of Aunties Two.  She has a couple of youtube videos to show you how to cover the cord and how to shape your basket.  I covered cord with 40 2 1/2″ strips that were sewn together on the short ends, which was enough for all three baskets.

How to Cover Cord

How to Shape the Basket

Here is a photo of mine showing how I lined the cord up when zig zag stitching it together:


I used 1/4″ cotton cording for these fabric baskets, but I used 3/16″ cotton clothesline for my first basket, which can also be used for the fabric baskets.

The plane clothesline baskets go together quickly, so give it a try.  It’s lots of fun.

bmqg gift swap

Boston Modern Quilt Guild Gift Swap

Just a quick post to Thank Yvonne for the gift she sent me for the Boston Modern Quilt Guild Gift Swap.  Yvonne didn’t make it to the meeting, so she sent me a box full of goodies … a perfectly crafted fabric basket for organizing things, a pin cushion that has programmed stitching which says “Patrice loves to Sew” (yes!!) and a jazzy, roomy wristlet wallet.  But then there was more … the rest of the buttons used for the basket and also a bar of scented soap!  Thank you, Yvonne!

And also thanks to Jenn for organizing the whole swap!

Here is another picture of the basket, which I have already put to work, along with the rest of my Goodies: