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iPad Drawing Fabric Designs

I have been using the Draw Free app to draw designs for Spoonflower.  Admittedly, they are not the most sophisticated designs, but it is too much fun to resist.   I put a whole set together and ordered 8″ square swatches, 15 for $20.  I’ll have to put a little quilt together with them.

Here are some of the fabric swatches for my designs.  I have also included screen shots from the Draw Free app so that you can compare the designs to the fabric swatch.  The colors came out pretty close to the drawings considering that I did not do any color editing.

Spoonflower Fabric

I have been having quite a bit of fun turning my little bird appliques into fabric on Spoonflower.  Spoonflower allows you to create your own fabric.  It’s pretty easy.  All you have to do is upload an image and you are a fabric designer.  Too fun! You should try it.

Here are pictures of my fabrics. You can check out my Spoonflower shop if you are interested in buying some of these fabrics.