Catching up with Jane

I am perpetually behind on my Jane blocks.  Our group at Quilters Common is assigned 5 blocks each month.  At one point rather early in this journey I became preoccupied with other matters of life to include work and various quilting endeavors.  So, I remain behind by at least 80 blocks and instead of proudly proclaiming that I have completed 91 Dear Jane blocks, I am always lamenting how far behind I am.

No more of that!  91 is awesome and I love each and every block.  Some are more perfect than others, but the wonkiness here and there can be attributed to many things; learning new techniques, or maybe my mood at the time, or the show on TV that I was watching with my husband …. How precise can you be when yet another bummer is occurring on Game of Thrones?

In celebration of my current accomplishments, I am sharing these finished Jane Blocks with you.


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