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The Lorax Quilt is Finished

I started this Lorax quilt quilt ages ago.  I quilted it as planned with the Zephyr, panto that looks like the Truffula trees .. and then it just hung out on the quilt frame like clothes on a tread mill for months!  Finally during my unexpected break from work I got around to putting the binding on it.

I suppose it is controversial to quilt right over the Lorax but I don’t think it matters to him. Think of it as a screen overlay and don’t worry about adding a panto over a panel.  I think it works just fine.



I have made some progress on two quilts in the last week or so.

I finished my Midnight in Bali quilt top and have quilted it.  I used an edge to edge pantograph called Big Leaf which I think suits the batik fabrics.  I have taken photos of it, but I must admit that I still have not attached the binding!  I promise I will finish this quilt!  I have the binding cut out, but wanted to get outside and take photos in the snow before it melts … it is Spring, the snow must melt!

I also put a quilt top together with the Lorax panel.  It might be a bit too abstract?  But, I do like it.  I have a perfect panto for this one, too.  It is called Zephyr, but it reminds me of the Truffula trees!